Summer 2007

In Brief

New Personal Finance Course


This spring the Haas School introduced "Introduction to Personal Financial Planning," a new class open to all UC Berkeley undergrads that teaches personal financial management. The course was so popular that students lined the hallways outside Andersen Auditorium to secure a spot.


"Introduction to Personal Financial Planning" comes at a time when most Americans now entering the workforce no longer have access to pensions and must save for their retirement individually. Yet despite the growing dependence on personal savings and on investments to pay for retirement, Americans saved less in 2006 than they did in most years of the Great Depression.


The class consisted of three five-week modules: (1) income, taxes and credit; (2) assets and risk management; and (3) saving and investing. All three modules shared a common theme by focusing on a life-cycle approach to financial planning. The course was taught by David Robinson, with Arturo Perez-Reyes, and Greg LaBlanc, all three of whom are lecturers at Haas.


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