Undergrad Details Cal's Style in Bare


On a campus where flip-flops and pajama bottoms suffice for a fashion statement, Doreen Bloch, BS 10, has proven that Prada doesn’t have to stand out at a political rally.

Bloch is founder, editor, and publisher of Bare magazine, whose name is a word play on Cal’s mascot. Bare is a quarterly with showcasing student models in thrift-shop finds and local designers’ creations. Features explore eco-friendly clothing, global fashion, and budget beauty tips.

Bare already was featured in the New York Times in March for using Hewlett-Packard’s new web-based self-publishing service.

About 100 students work on the magazine, which boasts 3,000 readers and earned a slight profit by its fourth issue. It operates on a $15,000 annual budget.

Despite Bare’s success, Bloch doesn’t see herself as the next Tina Brown. She’s already passed along her editor duties, and is recruiting more business students. “I really see myself as an entrepreneur.”

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