The Best Pork Chop in Portland


Kurt Huffman, MBA 08, was known for organizing lots of events while at Haas. So it should be no surprise that he successfully lured 56 classmates from around the country and even London to a new restaurant that he helped open in Portland, Ore., on Feb. 18.

Huffman is managing the daily operations of the restaurant, called Ping. He’s also an investor through a company named ChefStable, which he created with classmates Cliff Dank, Luke Dunnington, and Mike Pearce, all MBA 08. ChefStable invests in and helps develop new restaurants.

Ping, which means grill in Thai, specializes in Southeast Asian pub food. Huffman‘s favorite dish? Ju pa bao, a pork chop sandwich served on a soft roll. “We brine the pork,” Huffman explains. “It’s this dish from Macau that is absolutely mind-blowing.”

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