Administration and Resources

Administrative Units
Academic Affairs and Academic Planning & Instruction
(For the Haas community only)
Administrative Services 1-510-642-6468
Chetkovich Career Center 1-510-642-8124 Contact Page
Development/Alumni Relations


Contact Page
Facilities Services 1-510-642-4617
Financial Aid Office
(For the Haas community only)
1-510-643-0183 Contact Page
Enterprise Computing 1-510-642-0434 Contact Page
Long Business & Economics Library 1-510-642-5866 Contact Page
Marketing & Communications
1-510-642-5939 Contact Page
Media Services 1-510-643-0431 Contact Page
Media Relations 1-510-642-0342 Contact Page
Office of the Dean 1-510-643-2027 Contact Page

Degree Programs
MBA Programs for Working Professionals 1-510-643-0434
Full-time MBA Program Office 1-510-642-1405
Master of Financial Engineering
Evening & Weekend
MBA Admissions Office
Ph.D. Program 1-510-642-1409
Undergraduate Program 1-510-642-1421

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