Berkeley Haas

Diversity at Haas


Jan Brown

Jan Brown
MBA 14

VP Diversity, 2013

Previous degrees:
B.S. Computer Science
Howard University
Washington, DC

Job prior to Haas:
Vice President
Goldman Sachs
New York, NY

Coming from Trinidad, where “half of the population is Indian and half is Black,” Jan Brown never thought much about diversity. Diversity, she says, “was a lifestyle, not a word.” But here in the U.S. she discovered the need to weave cultures together to create a stronger social fabric for everyone.

“I love the entrepreneurial energy of the Bay Area. For anyone in the tech industry, spending time here is like a rite of passage.”

“I am a recovering software developer who came to Berkeley Haas to learn to think about business more holistically. Too often in the past, I was simply told about decisions that affected my work. In the future, I want to be part of the discussion and the decision-making process.”

“When I visited Haas I attended a panel discussion that featured several alumni. I was impressed by how well they got along and how much they had in common, even none of them knew each other before. They treated each other with genuine warmth.”

“I am focusing my studies on management consulting, slanted toward technology. I think this will compliment my existing expertise. In the long term, I want to start my own technology consulting firm in the Caribbean.”

“Diversity and inclusion are not just about numbers. They are about making the environment comfortable and welcoming for everyone.”

“One of my goals as VP-Diversity is to integrate diversity concepts more broadly in the O-Week activities. I hope to develop a workshop that would encourage people to explore their own diversity and biases, to have a conversation about all of us.”

“We are still in Student Always mode when it comes to diversity. We are not complacent. We still have barriers to break down. But we are in launch mode, fueled with a lot of energy.”

“After just five months, I consider many of my classmates as family.”

“Some of my classmates recognize me as “Carlton’s wife” –that’s proof of how much partners and families are welcomed into the MBA community here.”

“If you come to Berkeley Haas, you will be stretched beyond belief, but you will emerge a better person in every aspect of your life.”

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