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Diversity at Haas


Sophia Chami

Sophia Chami
MFE 12

One of the best things about the Berkeley MFE curriculum is that, “everyone gets to choose their own journey,” says Sophia Chami. Building on a strong foundation of core courses, electives, research projects and independent study allow students to “try new fields or dig very deep into one specific topic”

“My fellow Berkeley MFE students are very sharp. Even though we are all very different people, we share common interests and work effectively in teams. We’re all in the same boat and do our best to help one another.”

“There is a real sense of community here at Berkeley Haas. We all are aware that we are building something that is bigger than ourselves as individuals.”

“Having students from so many different countries means there are a world of different perspectives in the classroom. That enriches what we learn.”

“Having studied mathematics from a very theoretical perspective in France, I really appreciate that classes at Berkeley Haas are oriented toward business and finance. It is very useful to learn about the professional aspects from people with real industry experience.”

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