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Diversity at Haas

Luis Lopez

Luis Lopez

Luis Lopez
MBA 12

Associate Consultant
McKinsey and Company
Bogota, Colombia

Goldman Sachs

Previous degrees:
BS, Industrial Engineering, Universidade de los Andes

BS, Electrical Engineering, Punjab University, Chandigah, India

Job prior to Haas:
Project Manager
Florela, Tocancipa, Colombia

As a member of an International Business Developement (IBD) team, Luis López’s agricultural experience helped him relate to the Ghanaian farmers he talked with about supplying produce for the government’s school-lunch program. He also learned the importance of relationships built on trust and the challenge of communicating across cultural boundaries—skills he will use in his work at McKinsey.

“My IBD team went to Ghana to make recommendations to the government to improve a school-lunch program. We took a real action-based approach, dividing up to visit farmers and school cooks, teachers and students, local government officials. It was fulfilling to make our presentation to the government officials and to know, by staying in touch, that most of our recommendations are being carried out.”

“I saw Question the Status Quo in a lot of our classroom discussions. When we debated different ideas, people remained respectful of the different cultural and experience differences we all brought to the discussion. It has to do with integrity, with staying true to one’s self.”

“The global diversity of the class adds depth to the Berkeley Haas experience. For example, in my Negotiations class, we had people from every continent—all with different approaches and experiences in terms of how negotiations happen in their cultures.”

“Thanks to the combination of the comprehensive curriculum, the excellent faculty and my extremely smart classmates, I felt completely prepared for my internship. My managers at McKinsey must have felt the same way because I received a full-time job offer.”

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