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Diversity at Haas


Alma Rico

Alma Rico
MBA 14

Chief Operating Officer
Voices College-Bound Language Academies
San Jose, California

Alpha Public Schools
San Jose, California

Previous degree:
BS, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Job prior to Haas:
PA Consulting Group
Arlington, Virginia

While Alma Rico enjoyed applying her quant skills as a consultant in the aerospace and defense sectors, she realized that she found more satisfaction working as a tutor and mentor to young residents of a low-income community in Washington, DC. That realization led her to Berkeley Haas, where she is pursuing MBA studies with a focus on non-profit and entrepreneurship opportunities in the education sector.

“MIT was a big culture shock in many ways. Growing up in El Paso’s large Mexican-American community, I never really related to being in the minority until then. Coming to Berkeley Haas there was less culture shock, especially when surrounded by the Consortium community.”

“There is a wonderful social-impact vibe at Berkeley Haas. The fact that the school has put Beyond Yourself in words as one of its Defining Leadership Principles was a major factor in my decision to enroll here.”

“It was important for me to get an MBA instead of a graduate degree in a field like education. I believe that business skills are essential to the future of education, especially when it comes to some of the more innovative education organizations that are being developed.”

“Being a Consortium liaison gives me an opportunity to talk about why diversity and inclusion are essential to Berkeley Haas and the world in general. Too often, diversity is treated as a taboo subject. I want to help people understand how to talk about it.”

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