Berkeley Haas

Diversity at Haas


Mike C. Smith

Mike C. Smith
MBA 98

San Francisco, California

Mike Smith didn’t want a group of “status quo” classmates when he applied for MBA programs. At Berkeley Haas he found himself surrounded, challenged and supported by classmates with a diversity of experiences and career plans.

“The Berkeley MBA Admissions Office excels at putting together MBA classes that reflect the vast diversity in the business world and the world at large.”

“Diversity is a funny word; it can mean be applied to so many different things. My own personal diversity includes being African American, raised on the East Coast in an upper-middle class family. I brought a broad view across industries thanks to my experience in consulting to my MBA studies. Since graduating, I have worked in companies as large as and as small as Stitch Fix, a start-up with 35 employees.”

“Question the Status Quo really represents Berkeley Haas and relates very well to the concept of diversity. Even while we were students, we were encouraged to explore, to go off and do things outside of the traditional spheres that most business schools prepare you for.”

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