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Catherine Wolfram

Catherine Wolfram

Associate Professor
Co-Director, Energy Institute at Haas

While one third of her doctoral classmates at MIT were women, today Professor Catherine Wolfram all too often finds herself the sole woman in the room at professional or academic meetings. That is both a source of pride and a reminder of how much remains to be done to ensure business conference rooms and lecture halls alike reflect the diverse world outside.

“Part of my job is to be a role model for the PhD candidates who work as Graduate Student Instructors and research assistants. It is almost like an apprenticeship program, geared to creating professors. It is a unique relationship, where it is important to have faculty that are representative of the diversity of the PhD classes themselves.”

“Berkeley Haas does a good job of promoting and using the research done internally, for example tracking career satisfaction and teaching ratings by gender. This gives us insights into any systematic issues the data may reveal about how we are meeting students’ expectations and perceptions.”

“It is encouraging to see women participate in the Energy Treks organized each year by Haas students here in the Bay Area and to see women taking on leadership roles in the Energy Institute. It’s still just the germ of an idea, but we are starting to think about hosting a networking event especially for women in the energy field.”

“I especially enjoy seeing a good number of female faces in the classes I teach. And it goes the other way too; women MBA students have told me that they notice when they go through a semester with no female faculty.”

“Academic research is very self-directed. When you have people of different cultures and backgrounds choosing their research topics, you automatically expand your scope of inquiry.”

“Berkeley Haas really has a lock on the energy sector. In particular, women interested in the field, will find plenty of like-minded women among their classmates and on the faculty.”

“The Defining Leadership Principles and the emphasis on culture have a really positive effect on the tenor of classroom and personal dynamics. Confidence Without Attitude is very real here; it allows every voice to be heard.”

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