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Student/Limited Timesheet

Student workers need to complete the hourly timesheet and have it signed by their supervisor by each month's due date (designated on the right side of the timesheet). Return completed timesheets to Mailbox #42 (Anderson) in the mailroom or room S546 by 9:00 a.m. on the due date.


Timesheets that are received late will not be processed for payment until the 23rd of the following month. Paychecks/paycheck stubs are issued on the 8th of each month and can be picked up after 12:00 p.m. in room S549.



GSI / GSR Paycheck Information

Graduate Student Instructor and Graduate Student Researcher paychecks are cut or direct deposited on the 1st of each month. Reader and Tutor paychecks are cut or direct deposited on the 8th of each month.

All checks are delivered to the Accounting and Personnel office (S549) for safekeeping. Students can come to the Accounting and Personnel office to sign for and pick up their checks after 12 noon on their paydate. Students may not pick up checks for multiple employees. However, Instructors, Supervisors, or Faculty Assistants may pick up paychecks for GSIs, GSRs Readers, and Tutors if the students' work hours will not coincide with regular Accounting and Personnel office hours. In addition, GSIs,GSRs Readers, and Tutors may leave a self-addressed, stamped envelope with Accounting and Personnel staff if they would like their final paycheck mailed to a different address than the local one.


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Hiring a Student Assistant (non-academic)

The following steps must be followed prior to hiring student assistants for non-academic positions.


  1. Write the Job Description
    Create a job description providing a summary of duties, responsibilities, specific skills and knowledge needed, as well as the level of independence required for the job.

  2. Advertise the Job
    NOTE: All jobs must be advertised
    Student jobs must be advertised even if the department manager or faculty member has already identified a student. You may advertise the job via CalJobs or work-study or both.

    CalJobs: When a student is hired through CalJobs, the faculty member or department manager is responsible for 100% of the hourly earnings. Hire through CalJobs.

    Work-Study: The hiring department or faculty member who hires a work-study student is responsible for 40% of the hourly wage AND a 10% administrative fee.

    • Work-study students are eligible to receive financial aid in the form of a Work-Study Award. Work-study awards to students have a limit. If the student works beyond the limit of his/her award, the hiring department (your faculty member’s department) is responsible for 100% of the wages earned by the student.
    • Work-study jobs (casual/restricted) are for Berkeley students only.
    • To hire a work-study student, post the job to the work-study website.

  3. Complete "Request for Hire" Process

    Once the job advertisement has been completed and you have identified a student to employ:

  4. Questions?
    Check for answers to questions such as:

    • What is the purpose of the Student Assistant series?
    • How do I get a new position classified into the correct level?
    • What do I use for a job title?
    • How do I set the salary?
    • How do I find out what comparable rates of pay exist for similar student jobs elsewhere on campus?
    • How do I post a job listing? Where do I send the listing?
    • Who is eligible for Student Assistant series jobs?
    • Can a student work over 20 hours per week during the academic year in these positions?
    • Where do I go for questions about getting students on payroll, student benefits, and/or student terminations?



Hiring a GSI, GSR, or Reader

To hire a GSI, GSR, or Reader, contact Rosina Rocco in the Haas Academic Affairs unit.


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