Training & Development for Haas Supervisors & Managers


The Students Always: Management & Leadership Training and Development Curriculum has been designed to foster continuous development of Haas’ supervisors and managers, contribute to the successful execution of the School’s strategic objectives and promote management practices aligned with our Defining Principles.

This Curriculum addresses school-wide needs and promotes the development of a unique Haas’ management community while also allowing for personalized developmental experiences.  It leverages UC Berkeley’s training and development resources as well as Haas' own internal management expertise.


T&D Curriculum Components

The Students Always: Management & Leadership Training and Development Curriculum has two components: A Foundation component and the Curriculum itself.

Foundation Component

The Foundation component is designed to address school-wide topics, directly related to the School’s strategic plan


Activities organized under the Foundation component are structured to promote shared understanding of relevant topics and support the Haas' management community as it works toward strategic objectives.


These activities include:

Curriculum Component

The Curriculum component is designed to address capabilities necessary at each level of management/leadership accountability spheres. 



Effectiveness at each of these spheres requires mastery of a set of capabilities and these provide the background for managerial/leadership development goals for Haas' supervisors and managers. 



Activities under the Curriculum component are further organized in a 70/20/10 learning and development framework.  That is, 70% of development takes place through experience, 20% through interactions with others, and 10% through formal training.  Haas supervisors and managers plan and participate in the Curriculum component activities according to their own individual business and developmental needs.


In its third year of implementation, the T&D Curriculum has contributed to improve supervisors and managers’ satisfaction with professional development opportunities at Haas and increased their awareness about their role in their own success and that of the school’s strategic plan. Evaluations of the T&D Curriculum to date suggest that learning is taking place and new knowledge and skills are being applied by supervisors and managers back on the job.


These initial outcomes, together with the learning of new skills, knowledge and management practices aligned with our Defining Principles, are expected over time to increase managerial role effectiveness and support a strong Haas' management community.