Training & Development for Haas Supervisors & Managers


The Curriculum component is designed to address capabilities necessary at each level of management/leadership accountability spheres. 


Effectiveness at each of these spheres requires mastery of a set of capabilities and these provide the background for managerial/leadership development goals for Haas' supervisors and managers. 


Activities under the Curriculum component are organized in a 70/20/10 learning and development framework.  That is, 70% of development takes place through experience, 20% through interactions with others, and 10% through formal training.  


Haas supervisors and managers plan and participate in the Curriculum component activities according to their own individual business and developmental needs.

Basic Capabilities for ALL Supervisors and Managers


Personnel, Risk Management, Health and Safety, Haas Management Practices


Department Supervisors and Managers Capabilities

Unit-business knowledge, Resource allocation, Project management, Customer-focused workforce development (Day-to-day Business Execution)


Individual responsibilities link to the unit's goals (line of sight), Performance management, Coaching and recognition (Employee Development)


Management style flexibility, Delegation, Peer networking and collaboration (Self-development)


Unit Leaders Capabilities

Financial and business acumen, Boundary spanning, Strategic thinking (Unit/Business Development)


Culture building, Change management (Team Development)


Managing through others, Time allocation, Cross-unit collaboration (Self-development)


School Leaders Capabilities

Long-term vision and strategy development, Culture building leadership, Environmental scanning (School Development)


Future leaders development (Leadership Development)


Manging through others, Time allocation, Shared leadership (Self-development)