Training & Development for Haas Supervisors & Managers

Customized Training for Haas Supervisors and Managers with Theme Experts

These training programs are tailored to Haas supervisors and managers’ needs and context. They are developed and presented by theme experts and aim at providing knowledge and skills that will support Haas supervisors and managers during the implementation of the strategic plan and other school initiatives.



2014 Customized Programs:


Engagement Conversations @ Haas - May 21, 2014


This program provides Haas’ managers practical tools to understand and support individual employee engagement over time.  The skills practiced in this workshop will help Haas’ managers


Performance Management @ Haas - June 12, 2014


This skill development program aims at preparing Haas managers for the 2013-14 performance evaluation process.  It is being offered as one of the school-wide responses to our engagement survey results to foster the consistent application of people management policies and practices across the school.  Participants will:

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2012 Customized Training: Coaching for Performance and Development

This skill development program was offered as one of the school-wide responses to our engagement survey results.  It prepared Haas supervisors and managers for career development and performance management conversations with their staff.  Participants...

  • Learned the differences between coaching for performance and coaching for development,
  • Learned how to prepare for a coaching conversation,
  • Learned and used a coaching model, and
  • Practiced and prepared to give both positive and constructive feedback.

2011 Customized Training: Change Implementation

The first of the customized training program addressed change implementation. The program was designed to respond to supervisors and managers’ challenges in implementing and support changes in their units, at Haas and at the campus level.


2011 Program: Haas' Managers Boot Camp

Taught by Haas’ faculty, this program provided tools that had the potential to immediately enhance our managers' ability to lead effectively. Participants learned how to...

  • Engage and inspire others
  • Prioritize and make quality decisions
  • Navigate Haas and UC Berkeley’s unique power structure to get things done
  • Master the art of personal, group, and remote communications