School Senior Leaders


Senior leaders are accountable for setting the vision and overseeing the whole school.  They ensure that the school's constituent groups and their leadership as well as themselves are well-prepared to live the Haas’ mission.


Capabilities to Develop/Master


School Development  

Long-term Vision and Strategy Development

  • Creating and executing influence strategies that persuade key stakeholders to take action that will advance shared interest and business goals

Culture Building Leadership

  • Developing and communicating the culture building strategy, determining the desired outcomes of the culture building process required by the business strategy and supporting their achievement

Environmental Scanning

  • Observing and developing an understanding of macrom trends and events, issues, and expectations of the different interest groups that influence the school
Leadership Development  

Future Leaders Development

  • Modeling and reinforcing behaviors and practices that support the organzation in the future; scouting and cultivating organizational talent
  • Mentoring or coaching high-potentials


Self Development  

Managing Through Others

  • Delegating and holding unit leaders accountable for people focus (e.g., providing direct development staff, ability to team with other units, skill at producing results through a team), work process oversight, and forming external contacts

Time Allocation

  • Adopting a broad, long-term perspective when making own time allocation decisions
  • 75% and up time dedicated to management/leadership

Shared Leadership

  • Practicing leadership as a team, establishing direction, alignment and commitment toward cross-function coordination


Development Opportunities


The programs and activities below form an initial list of learning and development opportunities for senior leaders.


School Development

- Having profit/loss responsibility for a business/program

- Managing a large operation

- Serving in UCB/UC committees and task forces

- Serving in national associations/peer schools' groups of interest


Experiential Learning

- Haas Supervisors and Managers Workshop Series

- Peer mentoring

  Learning from Others/Teaching Others

- Financial Analysis for Non-Financial Executives (CEE)*

- Financial Management Certificate Program (FMCP)

- Problem-finding, Problem Solving (PFPS) for Staff


Formal Learning


Leadership Development

- Modeling leadership behaviors that reflect the Defining Principles


Experiential Learning


- Coaching High Potentials

  Learning from Others/Teaching Others

- Executive Coaching Institute (CEE)*


Formal Learning


Self Development

- Managing a diversity of functional areas

- Building new business/programs


Experiential Learning


- 360 Feedback **

- Coaching

  Learning from Others/Teaching Others

-The Berkeley Executive Leadership Program (CEE)*


Formal Learning


*Participation in programs offered through CEE is subject to space availability. Please plan ahead.
**360 Feedback assessments are conducted every 18-24 months and coordinated by Haas HR. Participation by all Haas unit leaders is expected.