Department Supervisors and Managers


Department supervisors and managers are accountable for day-to-day business execution. They ensure that their units and staff as well as themselves are well-prepared to perform the work and successfully deliver against unit goals.


Capabilities to Develop/Master


Day-to-day Business Execution  

Unit-business Knowledge

  • Developing in-depth understanding of the unit's processes, services and customers

Resource Allocation

  • Identifying, securing and distributing the necessary personnel, physical, financial and informational assets necessary for business execution

Project Management

  • Planning, organizing, securing, managing, leading, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals

Customer-focused Workforce Development

  • Enabling staff to anticipate, identify and meet customers' needs
Employee Development  

Individual Responsibilities Link to the Unit's Goals (line of sight)

  • Connecting day-to-day staff activities to unit goals

Performance Management

  • Providing employees timely feedback and guidance to improve performance

Coaching and Recognition

  • Supporting employee development and acknowledging their contributions


Self Development  

Management Style Flexibility

  • Adjusting managerial behaviors to situation and employees' needs


  • Empowering others for decision-making and action
  • 50-60% time devoted to managerial work; 40-50% time allocated to independent contributor work

Peer Networking and Collaboration

  • Interacting with other managers across the school


Development Opportunities


The programs and activities below form an initial list of learning and development opportunities for unit supervisors and managers.


Day-to-day Business Execution

- Projects and activities related to business area

Experiential Learning

- Haas Supervisors and Managers Workshop Series

Learning from Others/Teaching Others


- Performance Management at UC Berkeley KEYS*

- Principles of Supervision KEYS*

- Communication Skills KEYS*


Formal Learning


Employee Development

- Managing the performance of others across performance cycles

- Coaching and developing people for current and future roles

- Providing performance related feedback



Experiential Learning


- Peer mentoring

- Shadowing a skilled performer

- Sounding out ideas that promote discussion and constructive feedback

- Seeking advice and asking opinions

  Learning from Others/Teaching Others

- Communicating Goals and Expectations KEYS*

- Coaching for Performance and Development KEYS*

- Conducting Difficult Performance Conversations KEYS*

- Creating an Inclusive Environment KEYS*

- Delegation Skills KEYS*


Formal Learning


Self Development

- Working effectively with other teams

- Leading cross-functional or special project teams


Experiential Learning


- 360 Feedback***

- T&D Curriculum Resources

- Technical/professional networking

  Learning from Others/Teaching Others

- New Managers' Boot Camp**

- Managing Change KEYS*

- Manager Excellence Resource Center (MERC)****


Formal Learning



*KEYS – Keys to Enhance your Supervisory Success - KEYS programs are offered at no cost to UC Berkeley Supervisors and Managers.
**Even though CEE primarily advertises this program to scientists and engineers, the content is relevant for supervisors and managers of all backgrounds. Therefore, participation in this program is strongly recommended for Haas’ Supervisors and Managers. Participation in programs offered through CEE is subject to space availability. Please plan ahead. 
***360 Feedback assessments are conducted every 18-24 months and coordinated by Haas HR. Participation by all Haas Supervisors and Managers is expected.
****MERC is an online resource  which provides ready-to-use guides, tactical tools, templates, and e-learning courses to help managers and supervisors transition into new roles. It is accessed blu UC Learning Center. You will be asked to create an account and password.