Berkeley-Haas Style Guide

To preserve the integrity and impact of our brand name, it is critical that we establish a cohesive identity in everything that we do. These guidelines have been specifically created to provide the graphic tools necessary to visually preserve and grow the value and integrity of the Haas School of Business brand.

Download the complete Style Guide.

  • Identity Standards
    Official school name usage, Berkeley-Haas guidelines, Leading Through Innovation tagline usage
  • Logo Usage
    Logo standards, color, placement, size, etc.
  • Color Palette
    Acceptable colors for logos, print, and web
  • Typography
    Font standards for print and web
  • Photography
    Types of preferred photography, photography standards, cropping, etc.
  • Email Signatures
    Personal Berkeley-Haas email signature standards, including font, color, and logo use guidelines
  • Language & Mechanics
    Program name guidelines, exceptions to AP Style standards
Additional Style Guidelines
Marketing & Communications


Contact: Mai Pham Le