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  Illness and Other Short-term Absences

  If you must miss more than two days of classes, notify your instructors and the MBA Program Office by phone or e-mail with an explanation. The Program Office will work with you and your instructors if you will be absent for a substantial amount of time.

This notification does not imply that you will be excused for missing classes. Faculty members reserve the right to include class participation in their final grades, so be sure to discuss any missed classes with your instructors.

Faculty members may require documentation from University Health Services if you miss exams or fail to complete other course work.

  Transfers to Other Haas School MBA Programs


Transfers between the Haas School’s three MBA programs are not allowed. Thus it is not possible for FTMBA students to transfer to either the Evening and Weekend or Berkeley-Columbia Executive MBA programs. 

  Withdrawal and Readmission


The full-time MBA program is designed to be completed in four consecutive semesters, excluding the Summer Session.  You must have the written approval of the MBA Program Director in order to withdraw from the program prior to completion, and students who leave the program without written approval will not be readmitted.  

Students may request a withdrawal at any time.  While readmission is not guaranteed, the Haas School will readmit if the student leaves with prior approval and was in good academic standing at the time of withdrawal.

UC Berkeley campus policy places time limits on the use of courses for degrees, and for the MBA program that limit is seven years.  Thus if you do not return and complete all degree requirements within seven years from the time you began the MBA program, your only option for returning to Haas is through its regular admissions process.  If admitted for a second time via the regular admissions process you would have to start the program over from the beginning, and cannot count any of the courses completed prior to having withdrawn.

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