Strategic Focus
Strategic Focus

Redefine the Business Graduate

We start by taking a stand on the cultural principles that are distinctively ours. We then change the core, elective, and experiential curriculum to deliver our archetype innovative leader. Such a leader exercises authority through influence, not control, and builds enterprises powered by new ideas put into action. Though the term "innovative" is overused, what it reflects is enduring.

Realize our Intellectual Future

We are distinguished by deep grounding in the academic disciplines, which attracts the world's top faculty, and by pulling together this disciplinary strength to create leaders of uncommon character and innovative capability. As Berkeley's business school, we focus our scholarship on the big challenges and opportunities of our time, clean energy being an example.

Transform Our Haas Campus

We will make investments in new facilities that address the past decade's game-changing developments. The first shift is from course instruction to learning beyond the classroom. The second is from simply earning degrees early in one's career to learning that is whole-career. The third is the school's shifting toward shared spaces and classrooms that deliver in a targeted way on their strategy (e.g., teamwork, innovation, or global).

Our Mission

To develop leaders who redefine how we do business.