Defining Principles

The Berkeley-Haas Defining Principles sharply define us relative to our peers. Its use to describe and promote the school is encouraged wherever it is appropriate.

Proper Formatting and Punctuation

  • Capitalize all first letters in each word, except for "the" in Question the Status Quo.
  • Never write the principles in ALL CAPS.
  • It's okay to bold or italicize within blocks of text.
  • Never place the principles within quotation marks.

Listing the Defining Principles as a Unit

Always include one of these headers:

  • The Berkeley-Haas Defining Principles
  • Our Defining Principles
  • Our Berkeley-Haas Defining Principles

Use the same font size and style for all four principles.

Unless you want to emphasize one principle in particular (see below).

List the principles in the following order:

  • Question the Status Quo
  • Confidence Without Attitude
  • Students Always
  • Beyond Yourself

It's okay to emphasize one principle, but avoid using individual principles alone.

You may put emphasis on one principle by making it bold or larger than the others, but the other principles should still be listed. Using individual principles without providing context (see headers above) may make them appear to be official taglines rather than a set of principles.

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