Frequently Asked Questions

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Typography & Fonts

I've downloaded the Univers fonts, but how do I get them to work?

You need to install the fonts onto your computer before you can start using them in Microsoft Word, Photoshop, etc. Here are resources with information about how to install the fonts onto your PC (Windows) or Mac (OS).

In cases where I can't use the Univers font, what font should I use?

When only standard fonts are available, you should use Arial or Helvetica. In programs like bMail, use Sans Serif.

For longer official documents, such as recommendation letters and reports, which may be more difficult to read in sans serif fonts, what font should I use?

Georgia is our preferred serif font. You may use Georgia for lenthy official documents that are not publicly distributed.

Wordmarks & Logos

There are so many different logo files. Which one should I use?

The file names that begin with “#” are your go-to files. The rest are various alternate color options. The Wordmarks page contains information about which file format to use.