Wordmarks & Logos

The Berkeley-Haas wordmark is the primary graphic tool for expressing the Berkeley-Haas identity. The new Formal Wordmark, and its acceptable variations as listed below, should be used from this point forward.

To ensure consistent representation of our brand identity, please adhere to the usage guidelines outlined here when using the Berkeley-Haas wordmark or any of the secondary identities in communications.

Do not under any circumstances attempt to match these letterforms using type, no matter how similar the result may appear. Use only the official logo files.

Formal Wordmark
Formal Berkeley-Haas Logo

The Formal Wordmark is the primary graphic tool to represent the Berkeley-Haas identity. It should be used in all cases except when it cannot be legibly reproduced.

The Formal Wordmark should not be sized smaller than 1.25 inches in width. For sizes smaller than this, the Informal Wordmark should be used.

The colors used in the Formal Wordmark are PMS 540 and PMS 285. When PMS ink is not available, you may use the designated CMYK or RGB color values.

Informal Wordmark
Informal Berkeley-Haas Logo

The Informal Wordmark may be used in situations where the Formal Wordmark is not absolutely necessary and/or cannot be legibly reproduced, such as on promotional items.

The Informal Wordmark should not be sized smaller than 0.5 inches in width.

Approved Alternate Color Options

These alternate color options may be used for both the Formal and Informal Wordmarks when appropriate, as in cases where use of one color results in significant cost savings, or when the use of two colors is not possible.

Berkeley-Haas logo in all black

[One-color version using black]

Berkeley-Haas logo in PMS 285

[One-color version using PMS 285]

Berkeley-Haas logo in all white

[One-color version using white]

The one-color versions in black or white are the only options available to use when placing the logo on a background other than white, PMS 540, or PMS 285. Use white or black based on which provides the highest level of contrast.

Berkeley-Haas logo in reverse color on PMS 540 background

[Two-color version using white and PMS 285 on PMS 540 background]

Berkeley-Haas logo in reverse color on PMS 285 background

[Two-color version using PMS 540 and white on PMS 285 background]

Incorrect Usage

In order to maintain consistency, the following uses are not permitted. These rules apply to both the Formal and Informal Wordmarks.

incorrect use of Berkeley-Haas logo

[Unapproved color use. See Approved Alternate Color Options above.]

incorrect use of Berkeley-Haas logo

[Colors should not be swapped.]

incorrect use of Berkeley-Haas logo

[No horizontal scaling of logotype.]

incorrect use of Berkeley-Haas logo

[No vertical scaling of logotype.]

incorrect use of Berkeley-Haas logo

[Only use the black or white one-color version on any background other than white, PMS 540, or PMS 285.]

incorrect use of Berkeley-Haas logo

[Composition of the wordmark lock-up should not be altered. Use the official logo file to ensure correct positioning.]

incorrect use of Berkeley-Haas logo

[Never attempt to typeset the subline. Use only official logo files.]

Secondary Identities: Degree Programs

Degree program lockups are to be used primarily for banners, promotional items, t-shirts, backpacks, etc. where it is the main (or only) typographical element.

The primary formal and informal Berkeley-Haas logos should be used in all other print and electronic communications, accompanied by the program name written in text.

The Approved Alternate Color Options noted above also apply to the degree program lockups.


Berkeley-Haas Evening & Weekend MBA Program logo wordmark


Berkeley-Haas Full-time MBA Program logo wordmark


Berkeley-Haas MBA for Executives Program wordmark logo


Berkeley-Haas Master of Financial Engineering (MFE) Program wordmark logo


Berkeley-Haas PhD Program logo wordmark


Berkeley-Haas Undergraduate Program logo wordmark

Download the Berkeley-Haas Logo

Haas students, faculty, and staff may use these logos on any official Haas-related publications, websites, identification, stationery, slide decks, flyers, email signatures, and imprint clothing and custom products—except items for commercial resale.

Download all Berkeley-Haas wordmarks and logos.

Which file format should I use?


If you're working with a professional designer, printer, or promo gifts vendor, this is the file they want. If they ask for a “vector-based” format, this is what they're asking for. The colors and size can be altered without affecting the integrity of the wordmark. If you're creating a large banner, use this file to ensure that the logo doesn't become blurry when stretched.


If you're looking to drop the logo into a Word, PowerPoint, or Publisher project—or virtually any other similar project—you can use this. (You can also use the EPS file for maximum sharpness.) Simply go to Insert > Photo > Picture From File, then navigate to location where you saved the logo file.


If you're placing the file directly onto a website, this will work best. It's a small file that can be stretched and shrunken while remaining absolutely crisp.

Why aren't there any JPEG files?

The Berkeley-Haas wordmark is designed with a transparent background, and the JPEG format cannot accommodate this feature. Also, a JPEG image will appear blurry when stretched beyond its original size.

What's the difference between PMS and CMYK?

Basically, they are different ways of printing color. Stick to the CMYK version unless you're working with a vendor who's specifically requested the PMS file. For printing projects, using PMS instead of CMYK may be more cost-efficient.

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