Berkeley Haas programs provide a student experience that is both challenging and rewarding. Our students consistently tell us that the culture they experience at Haas, as codified in our Defining Leadership Principles, is not just talk. It runs deeply through their experience here.

The school offers outstanding management education to over 2,000 undergraduate and graduate students each year who come from around the world to study in one of its six degree-granting programs:

Apart from our distinctive culture, Berkeley Haas also distinguishes itself in other ways:

Beyond Yourself: A Global Focus

Global experience is integral to our programs. A global business perspective is part of many courses, and students are encouraged to take advantage of international opportunities, such as spending a semester abroad, planning study trips to other countries, or serving as a consultant overseas. In addition, students participate in numerous clubs, business competitions, fellowship programs, and research centers with an international focus.

Berkeley Haas students hail from more than 40 countries and speak many languages. Many have lived, studied, or worked abroad. More than half of our faculty members are either originally from outside the US or have extensive international experience and contacts.

The impact of this international diversity is enormous, adding varied perspectives to classroom discussions, team projects, and everyday interactions.

In the Classroom: A General Management Approach Bolstered by Hands-on Learning

Anchored in a rigorous general management curriculum, our programs give you the breadth and depth of knowledge to help you reach your potential and help others reach theirs by creating a dynamic, inclusive, and welcoming environment. The Haas approach features:

A focus on leadership development

You will develop your skills as a leader across multiple dimensions, including lessons in how to deliver strategic, operational, and organizational innovations. Students have many opportunities to serve in leadership roles.

Hands-on experiential learning

You will enlarge your innovative leadership skills in courses that enable you to learn by doing. All students choose at least one of eight programs that focus on applied innovation, international business development, social sector solutions, entrepreneurship, and more. Extracurricular activities provide further opportunities for hands-on learning and are supported by team coaching.

Personal and customizable

You can customize your program of study, developing a learning path to suit your interests. Berkeley Haas is interdisciplinary, drawing on the breadth and depth of UC Berkeley, and innovative, inviting you to design your own electives.

With Your Classmates: Learning to Lead Diverse Teams

Coming to Berkeley Haas means joining a vibrant community of students, alumni, faculty, and staff. Our smaller class size and inclusive culture foster a close-knit, supportive peer network, where students form bonds that last a lifetime. Our student community is rich in diverse perspectives, cultures, and backgrounds. You will be welcomed, and you will feel like you belong here.

We believe that cultivating a student body with these attributes creates an environment conducive to teamwork, collaboration, and involvement—an environment where students can learn from others who are not like themselves in a supportive environment. People with different lifestyles and backgrounds challenge each other by exposing their classmates to new experiences and perspectives.

To succeed as a future business leader, you first have to learn to work effectively with diverse teams. At Berkeley Haas, this isn’t an abstract concept—team performance skills are built into our curriculum. You’ll work closely with teams every day in the classroom and in your study groups.

In the Community: The Perfect Playground

The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations—and for good reason. It has stunning natural beauty, accommodating weather that fosters year-round outdoor activities, and its atmosphere is charged with worldly sophistication and a distinctive openness to new ways of thinking.

You can attend world-class theater, films, and music or dance performances—or stroll through a redwood grove—without ever leaving Berkeley’s campus. Wander off, however, and within Berkeley’s 18 square miles, you can explore a rose garden, linger at one of our prized cafes, experience cuisine from around the world, mountain bike or run on miles of trails, or play a round of golf. Nearby downtown Oakland offers a thriving nightlife scene with cutting-edge restaurants and music venues.

Just a 15-minute BART ride away is the city of San Francisco, with its iconic neighborhoods, cable cars, culture, nightlife, and countless activities. Beyond lies wine country, beautiful seaside towns, Yosemite National Park, and the ski resorts of Lake Tahoe. How many places are there where you can ski in the morning and surf in the afternoon?