Chris Gould

UC Berkeley, Class of 2022

Major: Economics

BCPA provides everything you need if you have an interest in accounting, it will set you on the correct path for both your academic, and professional career. The program has some of the best professors in the industry and they all genuinely care about their students’ understanding of the material, properly preparing them to pass the CPA exam. I reached out to my professors many times over the course of the program to talk about my career path and my personal goals. They are always willing to help! One of my favorite things about the program, and one of the primary reasons I participated in BCPA, is that there are ample opportunities to meet with and learn from current industry professionals – including partners from the Big 4, fellow BCPA alumni who are now in the industry, and recruiters from the major firms. You will be able to ask questions and begin networking well before the recruiting season begins. Please email me if you have any questions or just want some insight as to what the program is like!

Natalia Nava-Urbina

UC Berkeley, Class of 2022

Major: Business Administration

The BCPA program provides abundant resources, services, and opportunities to help you achieve professional and academic success. Through their comprehensive coursework, you can develop the necessary understanding to excel in your professional career and CPA exams. You are surrounded by like-minded peers. You not only meet study partners but potential co-workers! Exclusive networking events give you early access to recruiters and accounting professionals from top national accounting firms; those opportunities give you the time and space to ask questions and find the firm that best suits you. A unique benefit about the BCPA program is that the courses are offered in the evening, therefore allowing you to pursue other activities in the morning during your summertime. My favorite part of the program is the people; the professors are inspiring individuals who want to see you succeed both professionally and academically. The program staff is also there to support you as you pursue your goals during and after your time with the BCPA program. BCPA is more than just a summer program, it has helped shape who I am becoming as a professional and scholar.

Daniel Sung

UC Berkeley, Class of 2023

Major: Business Administration and Economics

The famous investor Warren Buffett once said, “If you want to be a good investor, take every accounting class you can possibly find.” Accounting knowledge is crucial in evaluating a company’s financial statement, and investing without understanding the meanings of different financial accounts is like entering a butt kicking contest with only one leg.  Fortunately, I decided to compete with both legs and began to actively train my muscles. Since coming to college, I’ve discovered my passion for investing and wished to pursue a career in the field. Heeding the advice from the Oracle of Omaha, I first enrolled in the BCPA program during the summer of my freshman year. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made at Berkeley. The courses not only teach the invaluable fundamental knowledge about how to record a business’ financial situation, but also enable me to apply the information in practice to evaluate investment opportunities. In particular, learning about the possible accounting tricks that a company can employ help me to navigate through the layers of complex number manipulation that sometimes exist in the financial statement. When encountering a problem, inversion always helps.
I am very grateful for participating in the BCPA program. For those who are interested in learning more about accounting or investing, feel free to reach out to me. I’ll be more than willing to help in any way.

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