Berkeley Haas alumni are advancing careers across 50 U.S. states and territories and in 81 countries around the globe. We lead in all industries, from traditional to emerging, and can be found in public service and academia, where our distinctive approach to business leadership is shaping policy decisions and the next generation of business graduate. What connects us? The worldwide presence of the Berkeley Haas Alumni Network – a reflection of the Haas School’s belief that a strong, engaged community is the ultimate expression of our breakthrough approach to business leadership.

The Berkeley Haas Alumni Network

Program Degrees Awarded Living Alumni % Living Alumni
Undergraduate 29,153 20,307 54.82%
BCEMBA/EMBA 1,063 1,061 2.00%
EWMBA 6,120 6,042 11.51%
FTMBA 14,442 13,231 27.16%
MFE 1,239 1,236 2.33%
MS 396 346 <1%
PhD 767 696 1.44%
ALL 53,180 42,919

Data as of Fall 2020.
Multiple degree holders are counted in each degree category.


Top 10 Alumni Populations Outside of the U.S.

Top 10 U.S. Alumni Populations Outside of California

Bay Area Alumni Population by Region

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