UC Berkeley now provides Berkeley Haas alumni with a free @berkeley.edu email account. This account will manage your Berkeley Haas branded alumni addresses, or aliases:


This service was previously known as “email forwarding”. Once you claim your @berkeley.edu email account, you can access your @berkeley.edu and your Berkeley Haas email aliases listed above by logging into: bmail.berkeley.edu with your CalNet ID and Passphrase

How to claim your @berkeley.edu account:

General FAQs

What if I don’t claim?

If you choose not to claim, your email address(es) and files will be removed from bMail after your student grace period has ended. After this period lapses yyou will be able to claim an @berkeley and Haas email address, but your attachments, emails, and files may be deleted.


What if I used an email client to access my alumni forwarding emails?

No settings will change in your email client. However, you will need to log back into @cal and set your new @berkeley.edu email (which will include your Berkeley Haas alias addresses to forward to your personal email of choice


How do I use @berkeley to “send from” my alumni forwarding?

Click here for instructions


What if I used my alumni forwarding to create a google account?

Some users created a personal Google Account using their alumni forwarding email address. Therefore, when you claim your @berkeley email Google sees this as a conflicting account. When you next sign in to your personal Google Account, you’ll be asked to resolve this conflicting account by creating a new google account OR adding to an account you already have. You will not be able to use your @berkeley as the new account. Click here for more information


How do I change my CalNet ID?

You can change your CalNet ID using the tool here.. Find instructions online here. After you change your CalNet ID, email the bConnected team at bconnected@berkeley.edu (link sends e-mail) and request that they change your bMail address to match your new CalNet ID. Also, be aware that you are only allowed to change your ID one time, so we strongly advise you select something you intend to keep for the rest of your time with UC Berkeley.


Can I change my display name on my email account?

Yes, some users who claim will notice the display name is showing information (nicknames, middle initials, etc.) that they would like to update. Note: It may take 24-48 hours for the name changes to appear in bConnected. Go here to the “Alums” section for instructions

*Please note: student, faculty, and staff Google accounts are included in the global Google Directory by default. You can alter that setting in the global Google Directory at: https://mybconnected.berkeley.edu under Account -> “contact display preference” menu.

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