The “Berkeley Haas” Way of Networking

Networking is about creating a community of tight and loose connections and growing social capital. It is about building personal and business relationships that create support and opportunities.

Strengthen Your Links—Tips for turning a select subset of network links from weak connections to strong bonds.

Give more than you get…

  • Help someone else at an event
  • Connect someone to someone else that can assist them
  • Take the call.

Good networking questions to ask:

  • What are your biggest business challenges currently?
  • How can I be helpful to you? I may know someone you should contact.
  • Is there anyone you suggest I talk to about [insert your own business or personal challenge]?

Finding a coach or a mentor is a very personal process. Are you looking for someone who has had a similar career trajectory? Or, are you switching careers or industries, and need to source the best connection as you make this transition?

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