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    • What is the mission of the Berkeley Haas Alumni Network Chapters and Regional Representatives? Alumni Chapters and Regional Representatives serve our Berkeley Haas alumni communities worldwide. The primary purpose of our regional programs is to connect Berkeley Haas alumni to one another and to the school. A chapter’s mission statement is simple — create a strong, lifelong connection to Berkeley Haas by building a community of engaged alumni.
    • Who makes up our alumni community? Your network includes anyone who graduated from one of Berkeley Haas’ degree programsLearn more about your network. For larger, social events or in smaller regions, consider welcoming Cal alumni, Executive Education past participants, parents, visiting scholars and former exchange students at the Haas School. Berkeley is known for its inclusiveness.
    • Starting a chapter? Contact Alumni Relations. Contact Associate Director of Alumni Communities, Hazel Zambrano at [email protected], to discuss starting an alumni chapter in your city. A list of local alumni, including their program and year of graduation, job title, and company name, will be sent to determine the viability of an alumni chapter in your city or region.



    • What support do chapters receive from the Alumni Relations office? Berkeley Haas’ Alumni Relations office organizes an annual Volunteer Leadership Conference for BHAN leaders. Chapter leaders receive a “tip” every month via email. Tips offer leaders insider information about what’s happening at Berkeley Haas or suggestions on how to best leverage Berkeley Haas’ resources to engage alumni in your region. Select tips can always be shared with chapter members in newsletters or other communications. Chapter leaders are also invited to participate in the bi-annual Dean’s conference calls. Chapter Presidents should be sure to have board representation on each webinar and conference call. Eligible chapters can apply for an annual Chapter Grant.The Berkeley Haas Alumni Relations office is available to support Chapter and Regional Representatives at all stages of their development and with events.
    • Alumni Relations will send Chapter Presidents the lists of student interns, and recent graduates in their region, if applicable. Chapter board members are strongly encouraged to connect with these current students and recent graduates.
    • New contact information, collected by a chapter through its own research or events, should be shared with the Alumni Relations office at alumni.haas.berkeley.edu. This information is used to update @cal. Learn more about the alumni directory.
    • Chapters must share information with the Alumni Relations office about their meetings and events. This includes event summaries, attendance lists, and meeting minutes. In addition, chapters are required to complete an annual report outlining past and future events, financial information, and goals. Information and instructions will be sent to chapters before the end of each Fiscal Year.
    • How can I get information about alumni in my region/industry? Use @cal and LinkedIn’s Find Alumni tool to search for alumni in your area. Filter by geography, program, industry and function. You can also request a list of alumni in your region from the Alumni Relations office.
    • How can my chapter welcome newly admitted students to Berkeley Haas?
      Welcoming new students to Berkeley Haas has been an important job for alumni chapters. State privacy laws (FERPA) prohibit the sharing of student contact information unless consent is provided by the admitted student. Degree program offices will release authorized contact information to requesting chapters, where available.
    • How can my chapter welcome recent graduates? All chapters are strongly encouraged to plan an event sometime in the month of October to welcome recent graduates. Lists of recent graduates can be requested from the Alumni Relations office.



    • What career services are available for alumni? The AlumniJobs newsletter (AJN) is sent weekly to nearly 3,639 alumni. The e-newsletter contains over 60 new job postings in each issue. AJN postings are highly curated, based on alumni interest and feedback. Many of these jobs are also listed within Berkeley Haas’ exclusive, industry-specific LinkedIn community and relevant industry and regional subgroups.In collaboration with the MBA Career Management team, the Alumni Relations office also offers webinars, which are open to all Berkeley Haas alumni. For more information about all career offerings, visit the Career Management page.

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