Collect a registration fee in advance to assure attendance and to accurately anticipate the number of attendees. There are a number of inexpensive and easy-to-use registration software products, most chapters now use Eventbrite.

While using an online software product is not complicated, assigning one board member to manage registration for all events is advised. If your chapter is small, the treasurer may assume this role.

Event registrants should provide their first and last names, program and year of graduation from Berkeley Haas, job title, and company name. This information should be established as “required fields,” regardless of the registration software used. This information is imperative to meaningful networking, to the production of professional-looking nametags produced in advance of the event, and event reporting. If you are using Eventbrite, follow the guidelines below for creating required fields, custom URLs, and attendee reports. For branded nametags, contact the Berkeley Haas Alumni Relations office at [email protected].