Does UC Berkeley have a Cal Alumni Chapter in your town? Is there another business school or business school alliance in your region? Would a local company, law firm, or business club be interested in joining forces for one event? Have you considered partnering with a Berkeley Haas Center or Institute? Utilize your board members’ networks and contacts to explore opportunities for partnerships.

Some chapters have successfully partnered with local companies. Corporate sponsors can be good “hosts” of an event, if not a partner. Sponsorship of a chapter event can come in several forms. Cash solicitations of less than $2,000 may be solicited as well as “in-kind” donations of wine, food or space. Review BHAN fundraising policy and Corporate Sponsorship Guidelines for chapter events.

Express appreciation for sponsorship in a print program or on a poster board displayed at the event. Thank sponsors in opening remarks. Then send a note of thanks after your event.