Compensation is dependent on the timely submission of paperwork—starting with the hiring forms. Once the ASE appointment is finalized, payment will proceed promptly.

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Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) and Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) appointments are salaried and payments are delivered in equal amounts on a regular schedule. The Full semester appointments are paid for 5 full months. Half semester appointments are paid for 2.5 months.

Reader and Tutor pay is dependent on the regular submission of online timesheets. Beginning 06/01/20, Readers/Tutors will report their hours either via CalTime

  • Complete the relevant areas. Please ensure that no more than 8 hours are recorded for a single day AND that no more than 20 hours are recorded for a single week
  • You can record and save your hours daily or any time during the bi-weekly pay period
  • Once your hours are recorded, make sure to Save your hours
  • Readers/Tutors will need to approve their timesheet by the pay cycle due date
  • Once the timesheet is approved by the Reader/Tutor, an email alert will be sent to the hiring faculty member/supervisor for final approval so that processing can begin
  • If you have questions as to which online timesheet you should be using, please open a ticket with Berkeley Regional Services.

Payment Schedule

For GSIs and GSRs, payments are posted automatically on the first of each month (see UCB Payroll Office for exact schedule).

Readers and Tutors will be paid bi-weekly or monthly, depending on their payroll classification.

Receiving Your Pay

ASEs participating in the direct deposit program will receive notification when the funds are transferred by email. ASEs may enroll in direct deposit service at any time via UCPath (Calnet ID required).

Once you have logged in to UCPath, go to Employee Actions > Income and Taxes > Direct Deposit. After clicking the “Direct Deposit” link in the Self Service menu (left side), you will be able to enter your bank account information.

It generally takes 30 days for activation of direct deposit, once enrollment is complete. ASEs who do not sign up for this service will receive their pay via paper check. UCPath will forward the ASEs paper check to the mailing address they have on file. Please refer to the Central Payroll website for current policies and procedures.

Please be aware that service reactivation may be necessary if a previous appointment has ended.

Earnings Statements

All employees can review their online earnings statements via UCPath. Statements are available for review 1-2 days before a payment is scheduled to issue. To access your online earnings statements:

  • Login to UCPath
  • Scroll down to Next Pay Check
  • Click on View Paycheck
  • Answer the Security Question

Payment Problems?

If an employee expected to be paid but the payment didn’t issue, first check to see if an online earnings statement generated. If there isn’t a statement for the expected pay period, please open a ticket with Berkeley Regional Services:

Salary Scales

GSI and GSR monthly pay is calculated based on the percentage, step, and length of appointment. All three of these variables are listed in the appointment letter.

Multiply the percentage appointment by the base pay to get the monthly gross pay.
(in the example below, 12.5%, 25%, 30%, 32.50%, 37.50%, 45%, and 50% x $6,253.10–base pay for TA Step 1 as of 10/01/2023—see salary chart on the for other steps)

Full semester appointments are paid over the course of 5 full months. Half-semester appointments are paid over 2.5 months.

% and length Gross pay Monthly pay
FULL semester
FULL semester
FULL semester
FULL semester
FULL semester
FULL semester

Readers earn $19.53/hour as of 10/01/23.

Fee Remissions
GSIs, Readers, Tutors and GSRs, in good academic standing who are enrolled in at least 12 units in a graduate state-supported degree program (MBA and PhD only), with appointments totaling at least 25% (170 hours) may be eligible for a fee remissions. Graduate students enrolled in self-supporting degree programs (i.e. EWMBA, XMBA, and MFE), who are appointed to work as a GSIs/Readers with appointments totaling at least 25% (170 hours), may also be eligible for a fee remissions.

The fee remission only covers the Student Services Fee, Tuition Fee, Berkeley Campus Fee, Class Pass Fee and Health Insurance Fee (unless waived). Certain conditions apply, including that you must be a registered graduate student, and must have paid at least 20% of your fees. Since EWMBA students are not charged the university Health Insurance Fee (SHIP), they do not receive this portion of the partial fee remission. Full-time students that waive their Health Insurance Fee (SHIP), also do not receive that portion of the fee remission.

Please refer to the Grad Division’s Fee Remission Program Bulletin and “What you need to know about being a GSI, GSR, Reader, or Tutor,” both available at the Grad Division’s Academic Appointments website for more complete information about eligibility and restrictions.

Fee remissions from any Academic Student Employee position could impact your financial aid. If you already have aid up to the cost of attendance, your financial aid will have to be adjusted to accommodate the fee remission, as you your total aid cannot exceed the cost of attendance. If your total aid exceeds the cost of attendance it will block fund disbursement. For more information, please contact the MBA Financial Aid Office (If you are not a Haas student, please contact your home departments financial aid office for information as to how a GSI/Reader appointment may affect your financial aid).

MBA student’s who are fully sponsored, meaning full fees are paid by a third party or outside agency, may choose to work as an Academic Student Employee. However, if you are eligible for a fee remission from UC Berkeley, you will only receive it if your sponsoring agency reduces the sponsorship by that amount. Fee remissions will not be paid to the student as a refund if fees are being covered by an outside source.

To review the amounts of the fees mentioned above, based on the degree program you are enrolled in, please visit the Registrar Fee Schedule page.

For comments or questions, please e-mail the ASE Administrator.