ASE positions at Haas include GSIs, Readers, Tutors, and GSRs. Brief descriptions are posted on the Haas ASE Home Page.

Specific duties for each position are posted on the Grad Div Site and may include the following:

GSI (Graduate Student Instructor) duties may vary. In order to provide a more complete listing of responsibilities, please review the Haas guide in a .pdf

A Reader’s primary duties involve the grading of homework assignments and examinations. Depending on the nature of the course and the instructor’s preferences, reader duties may also include attendance at lectures, holding office hours, consultation with the instructor and/or GSI, and other course-related duties. Readers may not perform teaching duties.

Tutors are generally employed to provide individual or group instructional activities in support of regular academic programs and may include individual or group tutoring sessions or presentation at a workshop.

GSRs (Graduate Student Researchers) are hired by individual faculty members to perform duties broadly related to particular research areas including quantitative analysis, bibliographic searchs, text editing, lab projects, computer programming, and summaries but NOT intended to include teaching or administrative duties.

For comments or questions, please e-mail the ASE Administrator.