Our Mission

The University of California, Berkeley, has a long, proud tradition as a leader in behavioral economics, a line of study revolutionizing the way economics analyzes people’s behavior. The mission of the Initiative for Behavioral Economics and Finance is to support scholarship combining the highest standards of economic research with insights drawn from psychology. Berkeley’s cross-disciplinary approach promotes the broad application of these principles in such fields as labor, finance, and health economics. The initiative ensures that Berkeley will continue to attract and train the most talented students in this important field of study.


Initiative for Behavioral Economics and Finance Post-doctoral Scholar
The 2022 post-doctoral scholar position is filled.
Each fall, the Initiative for Behavioral Economics and Finance selects 1-2 post-doctoral scholars with expertise in behavioral economics or behavioral finance, and strong econometric or theory training. Learn more about the qualifications and applications requirements for the post-doctoral position. Applications for 2023 will open in fall 2022.

Spring 2022 BEAM Conference. Information forthcoming.
For more information about our past BEAM Conference: UC Berkeley to Celebrate 30th Anniversary of Behavioral Economics (2017)


About the Initiative for Behavioral Economics & Finance

In 1987 two professors at UC Berkeley, George Akerlof and Daniel Kahneman, joined forces to teach a PhD class that used the analytical tools of social and cognitive psychology to investigate economic problems. Their teaching was a foundation for what is now known as Behavioral Economics.

The Initiative for Behavioral Economics & Finance (IBEF) carries on this proud tradition and is a multi-sectoral effort aimed at supporting research, industry partnerships and graduate student training in the field.

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