Behavioral Lab Mini Grant Application

Eligibility: Haas Faculty, post-graduate and graduate students conducting behavioral research
  • To Apply

    The Behavioral Research Lab grants are awarded in two phases: Phase 1: Up to $1,500 Grant • Item 1: Provide a one page report with a description of the purpose and background of the study, related literature, experimental design and procedures, research questions, proposed analysis, and a description of where you are in the pre-registration process (suggested: neoSF or AsPredicted link). • Item 2: Graduate students and Post Docs will need to have an advisor write a brief (up to one page) letter of support, indicating whether they support your request as essential. • Items 1 and 2 should be emailed as PDFs to with the subject line Mini Grant Application and your name. Phase 2: Report • You will be required to provide a one paragraph summary report of the findings of the experiment. Include a brief description of the experiment and summary of the data analysis, including number of participants/sessions and details of the report.
  • For subject payments
  • Faculty Advisor

    If you are not a faculty member.
  • Submission Instructions

    To complete your application: Please submit this form and then email with the subject line Mini Grant Application and your name. Attach: 1) One page description of your study 2) A signed advisor's letter of support
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