Program Plans

The Robinson Life Sciences Business and Entrepreneurship Program combines the strengths of the Biosciences Division in the College of Letters and Science and the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. Students complete all academic requirements for both degrees, and all policies of each school are enforced.

In addition, students will take a freshman Intro to Biotech course (MCB/UGBA C95B) and complete a senior capstone project. MCB/UGBA C95B is a course designed specifically for students exploring the Biology+Business Program and is only offered in the Spring.

First Year Sample Schedule

Fall  Units Spring  Units
Math 1A 4 Math 1B 4
Chem 1A 3 Chem 3A 3
Chem 1AL 2 Chem 3AL 2
R1B 4 UGBA 10 3
Breadth 3-4 Breadth/AC 3-4
Total: 16-17 Total: 17-18


Second Year Sample Schedule

Fall  Units Spring  Units
Econ 1 4 Stat 20 4
Chem 3B 3 Bio 1A 3
Chem 3BL 2 Bio 1AL 2
Physics 8A 4 Physics 8B 4
Breadth 3-4 Breadth 3-4
Total: 16-17 Total: 16-17

A four-year plan of study can be reviewed here. Please note that these schedules are samples and do not represent the only way to complete course requirements. Meet with an advisor to begin course planning as soon as possible.

Prerequisite Courses

Robinson Life Sciences Business and Entrepreneurship students must meet all curriculum requirements for both the BS in Business Administration and the BA in Molecular and Cell Biology.

Haas Prereqs are R1A, R1B, Math 1A, Math 1B, Statistics, Econ 1 or 2, and UGBA 10.

MCB Prereqs are Chem 1A, Chem 1AL, Chem 3A, Chem 3AL, Chem 3B, Bio 1A, and Bio 1AL. (Note that Chem 3BL, Bio 1B, and Physics 8A and 8B are not on this list because they are not required to declare the major. However, they are still required to complete the MCB degree.)

These prerequisites for both Haas and MCB should be completed by the end of sophomore year. Read more about the Haas prerequisite courses and requirements to declare MCB.

Exam Credit

Advanced Placement (AP) Exams

Course Requirement
Chemistry 4 or 5 Chem 1A/1AL
Biology 4 or 5 Bio 1A/1AL and Bio 1B
English Composition and Literature 4 English R1A
English Composition and Literature 5 English R1A and R1B
English Language and Composition 4 or 5 English R1A
Economics (micro and macro) 4 or 5 on both exams ECON 1 or ECON 2
Math BC* 3, 4, or 5 Math 1A
Math AB* 3, 4, or 5 Math 1A

International Baccalaureate (IB) Higher Level Exams

Course Requirement
Chemistry 5, 6, or 7 Chem 1A/1AL
Biology 5, 6, or 6 Bio 1B
English Literature 5, 6, or 7 English R1A and R1B
Economics 5, 6, or 7 ECON 1 or ECON 2
Mathematics* 5, 6, or 7 Math 1A

*For students who took AP Calculus and feel fully prepared to take higher-level math, MCB will accept  Math 1B or higher (Math 53, 54, 55) plus Stats 20, Stats W21, or Data 8 to fulfill the math requirement. If you are interested in applying AP credit to your course planning, please email the program advisor at for full details. Please note that Haas does not accept the Math 10 series.

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