Application Update: Deadline May 1st

Boost@BerkeleyHaas will be extending the application deadline to Friday, May 1st. The Boost staff understands that many school staff, students, and families are going through an adjustment period and we support the health and safety of all Bay Area residents. It is our duty to provide opportunities to students, therefore we will be extending the deadline for students to apply to the Boost@BerkeleyHaas program.

Due to the current circumstance it is understood that many students will not have access to transcripts and/or recommendation letters. The Boost@BerkeleyHaas staff is requesting for students to complete their packet to the best of their ability even if these items are inaccessible.

Prospective Boost Students

Boost@BerkeleyHaas has become a place for students to receive a boost in their academics, self-confidence, and leadership skills. This program is for the student with potential and looking to excel even if he/or she is not sure how, the student that may be a leader in the classroom or amongst siblings at home, or a student looking for the next best opportunity. Boost@BerkeleyHaas sees students for who they are in all areas, not just academically, and for the potential students have to grow.

Application Components

Short Answer Questions

It is very important for students to complete the short answer questions listed on the application to the best of their ability. We highly encourage for students to write 1-5 sentences per question in this area.

Two Recommendation Letters

Recommendation letters must be completed by, but are not limited to, a teacher, coach, tutor, mentor, or neighbor. It is important that family members, friends, and classmates do not submit a recommendation letter on your behalf.


Please provide current transcripts that identify the students GPA and grades for the most recent quarter or semester. Grades from the previous year can also be submitted if most recent grades are unavailable.

Unique Item

Please provide one unique item that can show the Boost staff what makes you unique. This can be through art pieces, stories, poems, drawings, pictures, etc. The unique submissions will not be returned after the application review process.  Please only submit one item.

Frequently Asked Questions

Admission Process

Apply by May 1st, 2020

Students will be contacted about interviews (Currently TBD)

Final Application Decisions (Currently TBD)

Boost Family Orientation (Currently TBD)

Boost Summer Academy J(Currently TBD)

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Christian Andrews Class of 2010

"Boost has changed my life. It has single handedly taught me everything I know about business, and more importantly it has helped me get that much closer to achieving my dreams."