The Marketing & Communications (MarCom) team works with faculty, staff, and students to further the Haas mission through promotion of the school, our programs, and our people.

We aim to help you effectively and enthusiastically promote Berkeley Haas. If you can’t find the information you need in the Toolkit, send an email to

Marketing & Communications Team

Bill Pearce

Assistant Dean & Chief Marketing Officer

Communications Group

Ute Frey

Executive Director of Communications

Laura Counts

Associate Director of Faculty Research Promotion

Kim Girard

Media Relations Specialist & News Editor

Amy Marcott

Managing Editor, Berkeley Haas Magazine

Natasha Payés

News and Communications Manager

Brand Group

Mariana Corzo

Mariana Corzo

Director of Brand Marketing

Debra Goldentyer

Digital Director

Mai Pham Le

Creative Director

Matthew Skinner

Brand Marketing Manager

Program Marketing

Scott Rief

Scott Rief

Director, Marketing & Technology

Dillon Nuanes

Email Marketing Manager

Annette Pierce-Thomas

Marketing Assistant

Brittany Voris

Content Marketing Manager

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