Whether the goal is to connect with prospective students, to amplify faculty research, or to engage alumni, photography and video can be effective media for delivering key messages to our audiences.

On this page, you’ll find:

Using the information provided here will help to increase the consistency and improve the quality of our photo and video communications.

Style Guidelines for Photographers

Authentic and high-quality still photography is a powerful way to convey the Haas experience, showcase the accomplishments in the Haas community, and reinforce the image of Berkeley Haas as a premier business school.

Our photographic style is natural, candid, and authentic. It is bright and airy.


For individual portraits, employ a shallow depth of field to bring attention to the subject’s face. Use warm natural light whenever possible.

For group portraits, do your best to direct everyone so that the entire face of each person is visible.

Documentary Photography

Through candid photography of Berkeley Haas classes, events, and programs, we aim to convey intellectual engagement, achievement, collaboration, and camaraderie.

We want to show others the true Haas experience—what it feels like to be on our campus, to be part of our community.

Aim to capture natural moments using prime lenses, wide aperture, and available light whenever possible.

Photos with multiple subjects are preferred, though the focus should be on only one main subject. Aim to show interaction.

Unless absolutely necessary, do not use flash and do not direct subjects.

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Haas Photo Library

The Marketing & Communications team manages a library of images from select programs and events, as well as general images of the Haas and UC Berkeley campus.

The library is accessible to Berkeley Haas faculty, staff, and student leaders for official use only.

Images in our photo library can generally be used for all official Haas communications, except for advertising and other paid placements. Most images can be shared with media for stories about Haas, but cannot be shared with non-media entities outside of UC Berkeley.

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Please DO NOT USE these images for personal or other purposes not related to the Haas School.

Video Production Resources

Intro and Copyright Bumpers with Logo

Use these bumpers at the beginning and end of all official Berkeley Haas videos. Both high-quality (1080p, 24 MBS) and web-quality (1080p, 5 MBS) MP4 files are available.

Guidelines for Logo Bumper Usage
  • Intro Bumper: Fade from white at beginning (optional). Do not fade from black. Transition out using dip to white for at least half a second.
  • Copyright Bumper: Transition in using dip to white for at least half a second. May fade to black at conclusion.

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Video Production Services

If you’re looking to create official Berkeley Haas videos, you have two campus resources.

  • Haas Digital can offer very limited video production services to members of the Berkeley Haas community.
  • Berkeley Video provides full-service end-to-end video production for on-campus clients.
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