2018 Winning Team: 6gods

Team Members

  • Joshua Yu
  • Rashmita Gandhe
  • Rohun Shroff
  • Catherine Chen
  • Tara Natarajan
Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology; Now and in the Future: The critical thinking case on cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and fiat currency allowed  students to apply the business concepts learned in discussions, research they had conducted and critical thinking to analyze the issues facing today’s currencies.  As cryptocurrency and  blockchain technology position themselves to becoming the technology that enables consumers, businesses, banks and governments to use digital currency (domestic and international), consumers are challenged with becoming knowledgable of the pros and cons. Business theories and concepts help to reveal what is going on in the industry and in organizations using blockchain and allows you and your team to evaluate the solutions that have been adopted to deal with this technology today and in the future.

2017 – Tech for Tomorrow

Team Members

  • Heidi Zhang
  • Rohan Maletira
  • Carmelo Chen
  • Colin Jiang
  • Brian Wang

Mastercard vs. Visa-The Fight for Mobile Payments: The MasterCard vs. Visa case study allows students to put themselves in the shoes of Visa CEO, Joseph Saunders as Visa acquires CyberSources in 2010. Saunders at Visa and other CEOs at companies like MasterCard are facing new technologies such as mobile payments that might disrupt the ways they have been doing business for decades. Students are given an overview of the landscape and are asked to critically think about some of the key industry competitive, strategic, technology and leadership issues that Saunders and consumers face. The case study provides students with an opportunity to see the real-time challenges that a CEO might face and the decisions he or she as well as consumers would need to make with limited information and what money may look like in the future.

2016 – Seabass & Guppies

Team Members

  • Harrisson Galavan
  • Sebastian Huang
  • Aerin Shin
  • Jennifer Zhu

Smart City Case Study: A new generation of “smart” cities is popping up each day. Whether it is considering energy, transportation, telecommunication, health, waste management, the environment, or technology, communities are now envisioning a more sustainable future. Cities are moving towards a framework for smarter cities. It is your team’s responsibility to recommend a smart infrastructure for your city.

2015 – ICCB – International Coalition for City Business

Team Members

  • Bill Cao
  • Caityln Juang
  • Icyss Olivas
  • Cathy Ding


Oakland, California Smart Health

Smart City Case Study: The challenge for public sector organizations worldwide is to adjust to the new reality of ‘doing more for less’ (or ‘doing less for less’) and to focus on the outcomes our society needs and wants. Experimental projects are currently being implemented around the world in order to define a framework for smart cities. Some are considering energy, others the environment and others technology. It is your team’s job to recommend a smart infrastructure for your city.