B-BAY Afterschool CLOSED 

Personal Essay

In 300 words or less, respond to the following. Use 12-point font size, Times New Roman, and insert header including Last Name, First Name in the upper right corner. The essay should respond to the following:

One of the BerkeleyHaas defining principles is “Question the Status Quo.”  Describe a situation  where you have questioned the status quo. Why is it important to question the status quo? How would participating in Berkeley Business Academy for Youth help you as you pursue your education.

* If English is not your native language, please write one additional paragraph describing your English educational background and experience.

*Essay should be a PDF, Doc, or Docx file.

Application Fees

A non-refundable $80 application fee must accompany the completed application. Applications will not be reviewed if fees are not included.

Admission Requirements

The admissions team looks for current 6th-8th graders rising 7th – 9th), who are interested in learning more about business and entrepreneurship. The application and essay should communicate the student’s level of maturity and motivation.

Application Deadline: January, 2025

Students are encouraged to apply prior to the application deadline as applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

You must submit your online application by 5pm PST.

When we receive your complete application (your application form, essay, and the application fee), you will be notified by e-mail. An admissions decision will be made and e-mailed to you within two weeks of receiving all application documents.

Enrolling: Students admitted into the Berkeley Business Academy for Youth have 10 days (weekends included) from your acceptance date to enroll online and pay the program fees. You are not enrolled until full payment is received.