High School Immersion Entrepreneurship

Berkeley Business Academy for Youth

"I really enjoyed the past 14 days. I mean I learned a lot from this camp and made many friends. Before I came here, I'm really worried about my interpersonal relation because I used to have this kind of issue..I really like here! I wish I could come to UC Berkeley to study again."
-Wenwei EN Session

Meet the Winning Entrepreneurs

MindUP, 2017

Team Members

  • Pratya Poosala, COO
  • Melissa Iglesias, CFO
  • Brian Penchina, CEO
  • Jeff Jing, CTO
  • Alok Kothari, CMO


ImmersedED, 2016

Team Members

  • Cathy Liu, CEO
  • Tejas Mattur, COO
  • Yi Jun Zhu, CFO
  • Abel Regalado, CTO
  • Amina Gankhuyag, CMO


ImmersedEd will provide an educational virtual reality experience to students all over the world through an application.

GreyWater Solutions LLC, 2015

Team Members

  • Alex McMurry, CEO
  • Rohan Mirchandani, COO
  • Kaitlyn Gunadhi, CFO
  • Harris Gu, VP of Design and Tech
  • Kendall Todd & Scott Xue, VPs of Marketing/Sales


Greywater Solutions will bring innovative greywater technology to the forefront.