C2M’s interdisciplinary graduate student teams work with entrepreneurs seeking to commercialize innovative climate tech solutions. Over 15 weeks, each team and their subject matter experts spend nearly 1,000 hours assessing these leading-edge technologies and investigating a wide range of market opportunities.

At the summit, these teams present their findings and recommendations, followed by audience Q&A. This event takes place annually in Spieker Forum at the Haas School of Business and brings together students, faculty, startup CEOs, and industry professionals at Haas. In-person tickets were sold out for this popular event. You can watch a recording of the event here(opens in a new tab). (The recording has a table of contents, making it easier to watch portions of specific interest.) The agenda, program booklet, and additional information can be found here. $35,000 in MetLife Climate Solution Awards and the Hasler Cleantech to Market Award were conferred upon three of the eight presenting teams.

Featured Speakers

Ann Harrison, Bank of America Dean, Berkeley Haas

Jill Fuss, Managing Director, Activate Berkeley

Sheeraz Haji, Founder, zipdragon ventures and Co-Director, C2M

New this year! MetLife Climate Solution Awards

The MetLife Climate Solution Awards will comprise three awards: $20,000, $10,000, and $5,000, which will go to the start-ups supported by the first, second, and third-place teams (as determined by a panel of independent judges).

MetLife is proud to support C2M and invest in a more resilient planet in recognition of the important role that tech entrepreneurs can play in delivering climate-related solutions. Read more about Sustainability at Metlife.

2022 Startups

  • Artyc — Refrigerant-free, long-duration, battery-powered cold transport and storage for keeping products at temperature throughout the supply chain.
  • FLO Materials — A portfolio of infinitely recyclable polymers, offering recycling-as-a-service and providing turn-key solutions for circular product design, circular manufacturing, and end-of-life product management.
  • Frost Methane — Finds concentrated methane sources, designs and installs highly efficient, remotely monitored flares to destroy the methane and bids these projects into carbon offset markets.
  • GenH — Rapidly deployable, fully modular hydropower system to electrify the ~80k non-powered dams and canal heads without construction or need for storage to generate clean, stable, and cost-competitive renewable energy.
  • Intropic Materials — Makes plastics truly composable and self-destructing by embedding degrading enzymes inside, enabled by a patented, tunable, scalable, orthogonal enzyme stabilization platform.
  • Niron Magnetics — Powerful, low cost, and environmentally sustainable permanent magnets to free electrification from dependence on rare earth elements.
  • Quino Energy — Practical, scalable, and non-flammable energy storage for homes and grids, made possible by a proprietary zero-waste process that transforms coal and wood tar into designer flow-battery reactants.
  • Windscape — Increases wind farm energy production, uptime, and ROI, processing AI data from very low-cost sensors around wind projects. Patented. Demonstrated.

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