C2M’s 2023 entrepreneurs are associated with a wide range of leading accelerators, universities, and government programs, including DOE’s ARPA-E, Activate, California Energy Commission-supported initiatives like CalSEED, Southern California Energy Innovation Network (SCEIN), Breakthrough Energy Fellows, Cleantech San Diego, iCorps, and Skydeck, as well as UC Berkeley, Stanford, Caltech, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, Columbia University, and other top-tier organizations.


Low-cost carbon capture, sequestration, and monitoring using earth-abundant granular metal carbonate (GMC) sorbent. Key Affiliations: CTO, iCorps, CalTech, FLoW WebsiteClément Cid, CEOVideoIntro Slide

ChemFinity Technologies

​High-performing, highly modular porous polymer materials used as bulk sorbents and membrane filters for water purification and tunable recovery of various critical minerals. Key Affiliations: iCorps, UC Berkeley, Breakthrough Energy Fellows  Website Adam Uliana, CEOVideo Intro Slide

CleanInnoGen Energy Solutions Ltd.

A deep tech heat to hydrogen process decarbonizing heavy industry by turning waste heat into green hydrogen and oxygen with onsite utilization. Key Affiliations: Ontario Tech. Univ., Canadian Nuclear Labs, Nat. Res. Canada  WebsiteTerry Kimmel, President │ VideoIntro Slide

Emission Free Generators (EFG)

Producing near-instant, low-pressure, low-temperature hydrogen gas using a proprietary fuel cartridge encapsulating a novel, solid state, metal-hydride dry powder. Key Affiliations: CalSEED, CTO, CalTech, Southern California Energy Innovation Network (SCEIN) WebsiteMark Collins, co-CEO │ VideoIntro Slide

REEgen Inc.

Rare earth element (REE) bio-leaching from solid substrates with biodegradable lixiviant produced by genetically optimized microbes, followed by selective REE recovery and decontamination using engineered biofilms. Key Affiliations: ARPA-E, iCorps, Activate Anywhere Website Alexa Schmitz, CEO │ VideoIntro Slide

Roca Water

Membrane-based water desalination technology that uses an electric potential gradient to drive ion movement, introducing a novel electrode that should reduce energy consumption by 40% and improve affordable access to fresh water. Key Affiliations: Activate Anywhere, iCorps, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison Website N/A │ Margaret Lumley, CEO │VideoIntro Slide

Scope Zero, Inc.

Offers a Carbon Savings Account as a financial wellness benefit for employees, engaging them in corporate sustainability efforts and providing financial incentives to reduce utility bills and fuel spending. Key Affiliations: Stanford, CalTechWebsite Lizzy Kolar, CEO │ VideoIntro Slide

Tyfast Energy Corp.

Proprietary disordered rock salt anode, using a highly abundant raw material, enables a new class of high-performance lithium-ion battery that aims to deliver energy density exceeding commercial lithium iron phosphate (LFP) technology. Key Affiliations: ARPA-E, CalSEED, Activate Berkeley, iCorps, UC Berkeley, Skydeck, Cleantech San Diego │ Website │ GJ la O’, CEO │ Video Intro Slide