C2M: The First Cleantech Accelerator

Friday, December 4, 2020
9:00am – 2:00pm PST

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The annual Cleantech to Market Symposium, is a unique opportunity to learn about some of the most innovative and impactful clean technologies presented by the next generation of cleantech leaders. You will also get a chance to hear directly from cleantech industry leaders!

2020 Cohort:

  • Radical Plastics: Catalyst to make plastics biodegradable.
  • SiTration: Ultra-durable filtration membranes for efficient separations in the harshest environments.
  • Smartville: Rechargeable battery repurposing hubs.
  • Fullmoon Sensors: Gas sensors with IoT capabilities.
  • Trophic: Seaweed proteins and farming engineering.
  • Terrafuse: Machine learning for climate risk forecasting.
  • Icarus RT: Hybrid photovoltaic thermal solar plus storage.

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9:00am: Welcome: Brian Steel, Director, Cleantech to Market
9:15am: Guest Speaker: Ann Harrison, Dean, Berkeley Haas
9:30am: Team 1 Presentation: Radical Plastics
10:00am: Team 2 Presentation: SiTration
10:30am: Guest Speaker: Stephanie Greene, Principal, Rocky Mountain Institute
10:40am: Break
10:50am: Team 3 Presentation: Smartville
11:20am: Team 4 Presentation: Fullmoon Sensors
11:50am: Team 5 Presentation: Trophic
12:20pm: Guest Speaker: Janea Scott, Vice Chair, California Energy Commission
12:30pm: Break
12:40pm: Team 6 Presentation: Terrafuse
1:10pm: Team 7 Presentation: Icarus IT
1:40pm: Guest Speaker: Ashley Grosh, Director, Gates Ventures
1:50pm: Awards Presentations
2:00pm: Program Concludes