Connecting and networking with others is the foundation to gaining a deeper understanding of the types of roles and industries of interest to MBAs.

As you have career conversations with alumni, peers, and others you will gain insight into what is important to you in a role, a company, and a mission/cause and how that aligns with your vision of meaningful and rewarding work.

Getting Started

These resources will help you get organized for effective use of your time with connections and potential employers.

Identifying your Network

Connecting with current students and alumni is one of the best ways to gather information during your search. We recommend tapping into your Haas network early and often by connecting with current and former students in all programs.

Current Students: EWMBA, FTMBA, and EMBA
  • Online Haas Student Directory in Slack – Use the “People” search in Slack to find fellow students and alumni. Keyword searches reveal people working at your target companies, locations, and functions
  • Campus Groups – Find industry-specific clubs at Haas that align with your interests
  • Student Networking Lists – Links to spreadsheets indicating where students worked prior to Haas, while at Haas, for their summer internships, and after Haas

Networking on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool. Learn more about how to update your LinkedIn profile, tap into all your networks, and do some research to support your job search.

Virtual Conferences and Networking Events

These resources will help you get organized and make the most of attending a virtual conference or networking event.

Additional Resources

Where to Network

Conferences and professional associations are great places to start networking.


Business Cards; Yes or No for Networking?

Increasingly, business cards are falling out of use as a common part of networking. Haas and CMG recommend the following if you would like to exchange contact information after an introduction or meeting:

Popl – digital business card (iOS and Android compatible, no app required).

LinkedIn QR code connect – immediately share your profile and connect with your new network addition.