What does it mean to be a Berkeley Haas corporate partner?

Berkeley Haas corporate partners tap into the diverse talent pool and formidable intellectual resources of a world-class business school. They energize, advance, and transform their own organizations with visionary leaders and academic insights. As partners, they invest in an only-at-Berkeley approach to business education training, informing, and inspiring new generations of entrepreneurial, creative, path-bending leaders.

What kind of businesses become corporate partners?

Representing all sectors and all stages of growth, Berkeley Haas corporate partners have identified acquiring, keeping, and cultivating talent as top priorities.

  • Growing companies looking for entrepreneurial energy to keep their enterprise dynamic.
  • Established organizations looking for talent, diversity, and professional development support.
  • Companies of all kinds engaging in specialized recruiting and looking for experienced hires to help them advance to the next level.

Corporate partners are also looking for new knowledge, strategies, and tools to help them stay innovative and competitive.

  • Active involvement with Berkeley Haas centers enables partners to co-create new knowledge and activate it within their organizations.
  • By engaging diverse enterprises (public and private, across disciplines), Berkeley Haas centers generate innovative opportunities for partnership, cross-pollination, and brand promotion.

What sets Berkeley Haas apart as a partner?

Our Defining Leadership Principles: No other school of business embraces the defining leadership principles that distinguish Berkeley Haas. Question the status quo, confidence without attitude, students always, beyond yourself: When you hire Berkeley Haas students and alumni and connect with the community, you enrich your corporate culture with these values and the commitment to positive impact that goes with them.

A Transformative Program: Through undergraduate, MBA, and executive programs, Berkeley Haas cultivates the skills and knowledge required for entrepreneurial, collaborative, creative leadership. When you partner with Berkeley Haas, you support top-ranked programs, a leadership-focused curriculum, challenging experiential problem-solving opportunities, motivated students, brilliant faculty, and a global community of distinctive leaders.

Our Public Mission: Inclusion and excellence are hallmarks of the Berkeley Haas experience. We welcome a broad mix of cultures, backgrounds, perspectives, and ambitions to our community of innovators. When you partner with Berkeley Haas, you bring the benefits of diversity in many forms to your enterprise.