Amazon Top Recruiter for 2017-2018

In 2017 Amazon hired 33 Berkeley MBAs for full-time and internship positions. This is the highest number of Haas students hired by any one company in recent history. They joined 165 Haas alumni already working at Amazon. Many in this alumni community played a significant role of the recruitment and onboarding process, starting with attending the company presentations at Haas through to helping the new Haas hires acclimate and feel welcome at Amazon.

Amazon “values MBA talent and the experiences and knowledge we bring,” according to Carolyn Chuong, MBA Class of 2018, and that is why Amazon was the first to campus this fall to capture that talent as quickly as possible. Carolyn joined Amazon full-time as a Senior Product Manager.

Amazon arrived early in the fall semester to host information sessions for the students and provide case interview practice. All Amazon interviews include a case interview. In addition, alumni are deeply embedded in the recruiting process from the beginning, helping to prepare students and conducting on campus interviews.

“I loved meeting Haas alumni during my Amazon interviews. They were integral to making my interview experience an enjoyable one and to motivating me to join Amazon,” according to Carolyn Chuong.

Amazon’s culture aligns well with the Haas culture according to Mary Ellen Harty, MBA Class of 2018 who joined Amazon full-time in the MBA Consumer Program. She said, “Learn and be curious” is an Amazon principle aligning with our Haas defining principle “students always.” Carolyn Chuong added “Haas and Amazon have cultures that value feedback.”