Democracy Innovation Fellowship

The UC Berkeley Haas Democracy Innovation Fellowship was a semester-long design cycle led by Jill Vialet social entrepreneur and visiting scholar working out of the Center for Social Sector Leadership in 2021-2022. The Fellowship provided graduate students an experiential learning opportunity, while advancing mission driven work at 6 democracy innovation organizations.

Six Haas MBA and six Goldman Public Policy MPP/MPA candidates were selected to work in interdisciplinary pairs as paid fellows to address specific infrastructure challenges at 6 nonprofit organizations. Student teams were supported by coaches (Project Advisors) with relevant scaling and growth experience from other nonprofit sectors. Each fellow was paid $2000 for their participation.

Project work occured between February – April, 2022, with project presentations in May. The time commitment for graduate students was 40-60 hours over the course of the project, averaging 3-4 hours per week.

Read about the project outcomes from Jillian Vialet’s blog.