Haas Impact Investing Network

The Haas Impact Investing Network (HIIN) provides MBA students with first-hand experience in impact investing. HIIN is partnered with Better Ventures, an Oakland-based venture firm that provides funding and support to high-growth startups solving some of the world’s biggest challenges. Better Ventures (BV) will provide training and mentorship to HIIN student venture teams as they go through the process of developing an investment thesis, sourcing startups, and conducting due diligence. BV will also provide seed funding to select startups sourced by the HIIN teams.

Program Format

  • HIIN will select up to 25 Impact Investment Fellows through an application process and interview process.
  • The program runs from October to March.
  • Fellows will be divided into teams, each focused on one impact theme. Themes could include health and wellness, education, nutrition, financial inclusion, environment, clean tech, or affordable housing.
  • Teams will go through the full impact investing process: researching issue areas, writing an investment thesis, sourcing potential social ventures (early-stage startups), conducting due diligence, and selecting a venture for investment to pitch.
  • HIIN will organize additional speakers, internal trainings, and treks to meet with local impact investors.
  • Better Ventures may identify potential candidates for their fellows program in the Spring and Summer.
  • HIIN is also an affiliate of the MIINT program.


  • HIIN is open to current FT and EW students at Berkeley Haas.
  • Both first year and second year students are encouraged to apply.
  • No previous experience in impact investing or social enterprise is necessary, although a basic understanding of investing is helpful.
  • The application process for the 2018-19 Fellows is now closed.

Managing Fellows

Brad Crist


Maggie Fried


Joe Interlandi


Jessica Lui


Email the Team

Contact the managing fellows at hiin@lists.haas.berkeley.edu with any questions about the program.


  • Adair Morse, Assistant Professor, Berkeley Haas Finance Group
  • Bill Rindfuss, Executive Director, Strategic Programs, Berkeley Haas Finance Group
  • Jill Erbland, Program Director, GSVC, Berkeley Haas Center for Social Sector Leadership

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