Philanthropy Fellows Post-Graduate Fellowships

The Partnership

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation and CSSL offer a unique opportunity to provide recent graduate students with an introduction to philanthropy. The shared vision for this partnership is to recruit a diverse set of outstanding young people who have recently completed an advanced degree and provide them with continued learning and coaching opportunities through the Center while giving them a term-limited exposure as “Fellows” or “Program Analysts” to hands-on work in the philanthropic sector.  This strategy has proved to be extremely effective over the years – with 100% of the 22 individuals recruited into this program still contributing in philanthropic and civil society roles.

Through a competitive application process, Program Fellows are selected for the paid positions which can vary in duration. The Fellow will perform analytical studies on a variety of policies, projects, programs, and issues. This fellowship provides extensive training, professional development, a strong network, and access to view the world of grantmaking at one of the largest foundations in the world.

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